How to install Metal Coil Drapery?

How to install Metal Coil Drapery? We made various metal coil drapery for the length of past years, it is a smooth thing for our workers to install it, really, and it is! In any case, we regularly are mentioned to transport the installation method for metal coil drapery , so directly here, we can

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Do you really know about the Steel Ball Chain?

Do you really know about the Steel Ball Chain? According our research,there are mainly three different material for ball chain in whole market,there are: Steel, Stainless steel,Brass(copper),and among these almost 80% ball chain made by steel material. Many people ask us why the steel ball chain need plating color,but stainless steel ball chain not? Is the steel

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metal fabric image3

Metal Fabric-Leading fashion trends

Latest month we cooperate with many fashion accessories designers with our metal fabric,some of our clients sent back their beautiful works,those are so marvelous and glorious i ‘d like to share them here. For more colors,pls check our catalogue:

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metal mesh table runner

Your table need a dress!-Metallic table runner

Now more and more designer tend to decorate their tables with metallic cloth/metal mesh,it is good to be used on your cocktail table or tea table in wedding event or Party or even in your lovely kittch…,because the metallic cloth/metal mesh can be heat insulation with its glue in background,it is easy for re-knitted in

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ball chain curtain

How to order Ball chain curtain?

Ball chain curtain is the ideal solution for architects and designers looking to transform their vision into reality. Our custom designs go far beyond traditional beaded curtains. Ball chain curtain is the perfect architectural design element for creative applications in restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, casinos, retail stores, spas, salons, offices, residential spaces or any other venue.

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tfchain Testimonials-and-reviews

Our Testimonials

We Supply Ball Chain,Ball Chain Curtain,Metal mesh,Metal Mesh Drapery,Aluminum link chain,Aluminum Link Chain Curtains for more than 10 years,there are many client’s good testimonails,here select some feedback from our recently cooperated client’s.Thanks for your support on our business,we will be more efficient&professional for our mutual benefit in the future. Regarding below Metal mesh in customized

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Ball Chain Curtain In 50% Space

Why need ball chain curtain in 50% space? 50% space ball chain curtain in less density chains,more visiable sight-view, trimming budgets. There are two option for 50% space covering ball chain curtain here. For example,In full 100% space covering a curtain track per meter can carry 18pcs chains,If you need 9pcs chain per meter track,that

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