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Take your Interior Decoration to a New Level with These Gorgeous Metal Curtains!

Interior decoration has evolved with time to incorporate a lot of novel ideas and forms. The modern interior decoration of today reflects the epitome of luxury, style and skilled craftsmanship. Thanks to metal art, out of which gorgeous and lavish interior decoration accessories are developed. This article talks about one of the hottest trends in [...]

Do you ever know a new interior decoration material- Aluminum Link Chain Curtain?

May some people found a lot of metallic chain curtain used in interior decoration,it is more and more popular by interior designers as it is freedom,creative and mordern material,not restrict by environment,space and style,beautiful but also functional.let us know more about this wonderful materal-aluminum link chain curtain(also called chain fly screen). This name-aluminum link chain [...]

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Three things you must know about Aluminum link chain curtain before you ordering

Aluminum link chain curtain looks elegant and mordern while used for room divider or wall decoration.Every aluminum link chain curtain customized based on client's specific dimension.Some customer might doute it is reliable to order oversea for this customized curtain?if it is in wrong dimension how can i fix that problem? I think the above two [...]

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