How to install Metal Coil Drapery?

We made various metal coil drapery for the length of past years, it is a smooth thing for our workers to install it, really, and it is! In any case, we regularly are mentioned to transport the installation method for metal coil drapery , so directly here, we can right now help you out to comprehend the best approach to install it when you install a metal coil drapery or going to purchase a metal coil drapery and for that,don’t stress over by having any stretch of the imagination!

The pictures below demonstrates that when you install metal coil drapery , what you will get and they also give the guidelines on how to install it.

No problem with the straight track or curved track, the installation strategy is the same (the above is the straight curtain track, below is the curved curtain track).

Here are all accessories for both curved and straight curtain track (same):

  • First Step:Install the curtain track with a cap on one ending. (Step 1 & 2) Kindly observe that don’t close the track with the two caps as you have to finish the upcoming step.


  • Second Step:Put through the stoppers (wheel) internally, and then close each ending of track with cap. (Step 3 & 4)


  • Third Step:Put the repair clip add-ons on the track and set it up on the ceiling or wall via nails, near the endings of the track with cap. (Step 5 & 6)


  • Final Step:Use the bolt to repair mesh and chain, and then put complete finished mesh at the ring on the curtain track. A stunning metal wire mesh curtain is present in the front of you straight away!


This final step is critical and hard to recognize, please check out the below vedio for details:   ( Youtube address)

repair metal wire mesh curtain


Done! It is straightforward, isn’t it? If you’ve any question regarding the curtain installation process, you can contact us anytime; we are the top professional metal coil drapery manufacturer in China.

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