May some people found a lot of metallic chain curtain used in interior decoration,it is more and more popular by interior designers as it is freedom,creative and mordern material,not restrict by environment,space and style,beautiful but also functional.let us know more about this wonderful materal-aluminum link chain curtain(also called chain fly screen).

This name-aluminum link chain curtain is given by our company according its consturction,we are the the earliest China manufacture whom made this kind of chain curtain,at the earliest time,this chain is used for Gardening hang basket.

People found this chains looks elegant in the garden,one day,someone try to use it in front of door for fly screen to against fly insects from the garden,that looks great and also can against fly insect come inside the room,so more and more people use it for door screen,it can against flying insects,but not stop the air coming in and also visiable with a little privacy.

Now this aluminum link chain not only used for garden hanging chain,chain fly screen,also used in restaurant,office,bar,hotel for interior decoration with a lot of different color &patterns combination.

         1). Shape&construction:

The shape of the metal aluminum chain is similar to that of a hip flask. It is wound by a wire. The main specifications are 1.6mm and 2.0mm. Here 1.6mm and 2.0mm refer to the product’s wire diameter. By each links chain together becomes a beautiful aluminum link chain curtain.


       2). Color:

The colors of the aluminum link chain curtain are: silver white,red,blue, gunmetal,bronze, copper, gold, black color, etc., you can choose the corresponding style of chain to match according to the surrounding color.

varied color selection

       3). For occassion:

The display form of the aluminum link chain curtain is various. It can be used alone as a chandelier or a sign or a link to other items, but the most important thing is that it can become a beautiful curtain under the use of our designers. , Or a beautiful partition curtain, or a beautiful curtain painting, and so on. . . . . . No matter how he displays it, it will bring us exquisite visual enjoyment.


       4). Material:

This kind of metal curtain is divided into: carbon steel ,aluminum; stainless steel. These three materials have their own points:carbon steel materials are low in price; aluminum materials are more used for decoration, stainless steel materials are not easy to rust, stainless steel and iron materials are more practical as links, and some customers like stainless steel. As a decoration application, materials can be selected according to the budget cost.

Material: Aluminum alloy / carbon steel / stainless steel

Weight: 24g / m~ 36g / m

Specifications(wire thickness):  1.5mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm


       5). Curtain Track:

All aluminum link chain curtain sold in our factory with a suitable curtain track,our currently curtain track is the third improvement products.

These newest track both can used in curved and straight project for different shape and also looks very simple and easy for installation.


        6). How to order an aluminum link chain curtain?

Just tell us the height and width of the space you are going to cover,and the color of chain,our product manager will calculate the total cost for your project,if you have any questions about this new material,welcome contact us and enquiry with us!