Do you really know about the Steel Ball Chain?

According our research,there are mainly three different material for ball chain in whole market,there are: Steel, Stainless steel,Brass(copper),and among these almost 80% ball chain made by steel material.

Steel ball chain(NPS)

Brass ball chain

Stainless steel ball chain

Many people ask us why the steel ball chain need plating color,but stainless steel ball chain not? Is the steel material quality defects that we need cover by plating color? It’s not like this. Because the steel material is easy to getting rust, so we need surface plating treatment that to effective protection it. It is an effective protection and prolong service life and performance.
Our steel ball chain can according personal preference or using purpose to choose different color. We are plating different color for more beautiful and fashionable, for the crowd is also different.the most common color is nickel plated ball chain,we also called nickel plated steel ball chain,in short words name NPS ball chain.NPS ball chain Gold color ball chain

*** NPS ball chain***                                                                   ***Gold color ball chain***

ball chain color 1~20

ball chain color 21~40

Actually the steel material is a very superior material make ball chains due to its competitive price ,a lot of color choice for plating,much more than brass material,some colors can be plated with steel material,but not work on brass material.with the more Mature technique now,the steel material also can used in different special requirement occasion,such as damp or air wetting and wear as necklace.for ball chain body jewelry,now our technique can make the ball chain lead&nickel free,safe to touch skin,friendly to environment.

As we all know a lot of metal material contain lead&nickel,that is not friendly to people,so we must use the technique to remove it,with this step,The lead&nickel free ball chain price compare with lead&nickel ball chain that is big difference.Approximately 10-20% of the population is sensitive to nickel. … So this is a very important step for ball chain jewelry.

As steel ball chain used widely in different industry,from fashion,jewelry,garments accessories industrial to POS display,biding accessories,plumbing applications, vertical blinds, and retaining applications,interior decoration area,different user has different requirement for the quality,so not all clients request ball chain with the lead&nickel free.

We are professional on ball chains more than ten years,hope every clients can choose the best ball chain suitable for their needs with the most competitive price.any questions,feel free to leave us a message.