Ball chain curtain is the ideal solution for architects and designers looking to transform their vision into reality. Our custom designs go far beyond traditional beaded curtains. Ball chain curtain is the perfect architectural design element for creative applications in restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, casinos, retail stores, spas, salons, offices, residential spaces or any other venue. It’s a great way to divide space without introducing the feel of closed off barriers. Private access areas can be set apart while still providing air and light to the enclosed space.

Ball chain curtain for Interior Decoration:

A) Material : Brass , mild steel , stainless steel , etc.
B) Surface Treatment : electro-plated,enamel painting, etc.
C) Bead diameter : 3.0mm,4.0mm , 4.5mm,5.0mm , 6.0mm , 6.5mm,8.0mm , 10.0mm , 12.0mm .
D) Spacing:50% spacing,100% spacing,customized spacing from 1-10cm according your requirement.
E) Color : Stainless steel color,Nickel plated color,Antique silver color,Brass ball chain,Antique brass color,Chrome color,Gunmetal color,Antique brown,Brass gold color plated ,Steel gold color plated, Antique copper color, Enamel colored color in any Pantone color can be developed here.

1(2)(1)F) Bead shape : Round , Faceted, Ball Bar Chain…nickel_plated_steel_chain_700faceted_chain_yb_700ball_bar_chain_700G) Width , Length : Can be customized.


Ball chain curtain/Metal beaded curtain is made of ball chains with tracks.The bead string curtain is no size and style limited, each project finished here according specific customized dimension. Pls kindly provide us your project dimension (width&height) before ordering.

Metal Ball Chain Beaded Curtains Feature:

Beautiful and elegant appearance .

Rust corrosion .

Various of type and color .

Long useing life .
Easy to install and transport

Ball chain curtain/Metal beaded curtain Application:

For hotel , home , cafe , decoration and partition wall , and jewelry , etc.The bead string curtain also can be used as room dividers, area separators, modern curtains, window treatments, and partitions.