This project finished inUK Winchmore Hill ,Buff Hair & Beauty Salon.with 4.5mm ball chain in copper color.50% space covering ,people can see throught easily and also can separete this two space,instead of a cold wall. That is why more and more customer like to choose ball chain for room divider instead of wall.

Colette Hayman retail stores in Australia and South Africa used our bead chain curtain for window treatment.Total 40 new opening stores decorated with 120 set beaded curtains.

This project finished in Saudi Arabia by designer Mazen.It is created with 10mm faceted ball chain in champagne gold color,100%spacing,straight track.

Project Located in Mira Food Restaurant in Saudi Abrabia.A high top restaurant which provide excellent retail food.

Switzerland Designer Angelika Dreher finished her Ball chain chandelier project in Park Hotel Vitznau´╝îdetails about this project,pls visit:

USA designer Angelica have purchased some #3 (2.4mm diameter)aluminum ball chain from our company and make some wonderful project with them.let us share with you and hopeful we can provide you a idea of metallic curtain into your designing.
the aluminum ball chain is very light and with metallic looking,without any plating,Lead&Nickel free,environment friendly. we can cut them into length with your curtain or screen height(length) and also you can cut them easily with your household scissor.

In Australia Japanese Mountain Retreat Mineral Spring and Spa,by designer Deborah.With 6.5mm faceted bead chain curtain in 100% spacing.

Project location Lagos- Nigeria by Designer Nena,6mm NPS ball chain curtain in curved track system,space with 80pcs per meter track.

This project is in a Coldwell Banker in USA,Designer Jain use 3.2mm stainless steel ball chain in gunmetal color,with 2.54cm spacing to create such a beads screen to decorate the ceiling in the middle of hall.Combine with crystal star,It looks very sparkle&amazing under the lights.

This is a wall decoration project in a shoes salon in the Netherlands.We disscussed a lot of options according the designer-Dominic’s artwork and finally he accept my suggestion to make the ball chain curtain behind the lights,that the ball chains looks sparkling and the lights left its trace on the antique brass colored ball chain screen looks so nice,The project created by 4mm antique brass ball chain with champagne color track

In Riyadh,Saudi Arabia Harvey Nichols store,designed by Norman Foster,finished with our products.

Saudi Abrabia Desiger karl contact me for a curved ball chain curtain project,we select 8mm nickel color ball chain for his several space.with 100%spacing,shinning beads looks amazing.

This is a USA customer interior renew project,with this metal beaded chain door screen,this spacing looks great!This beaded chain door screen.Porject information: 6.5mm round bead chain in 100% spacing covering. Height 2.4meters,width 900mm.In shinning metal nickel color.

This is a fashion garments shop in China,the ball chain curtain divider create a circle to saparete two space.It is using 3.2mm antique copper ball chain with curved shape curtain track.Chain length 5meters,we make all accessories for this project.