As the summer season is coming,longer days brings a lot of sunshine, we find ourselves treasuring natural light but also wish to keep extra lights out. So, for our most recent clients ask this request from us, we suggest them using our metal coil drapery,it let the sunshine in — in more ways than one,let the fresh air come in,against the fly insects.We love that they confer privacy while letting in so much light. Plus, the clean, geometric design works perfectly in our modern space.Enjoy your most day time behind of that metal coil drapery .

In which kind of window suitable for metal coil drapery?

Our answer is metal coil drapery suitable for all of windows, but the best effect i love is with the large window from the ceiling to floor with clearly glass,just like below:

Do you have a large window?if yes,let us see how beautiful used our metal coil drapery.

This project is finished in a villa,the house owner wish to use the metal coil drapery for all window in the first floor.

What constructure of this interior decoration material-metal coil drapery?

Metal coil drapery is a type of decorative mesh wire made from stainless steel or aluminum wires with the shape of diamond. When used as interior decoration, cascade coil drapery looks like a whole piece curtain fabric which differs from the strip-type chain link curtain,due to such constructure,so it is durable and strong,the life time can lasts at least 10 years and easy to keep it clean,just remove the dust by fabric and even can wash by water as most of metal coil drapery made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy,it is not easy to get is the picture for the details of this material.

See details:

What colors avaiable for metal coil drapery?

The most popular colors for metal coil drapery is: nickel,gold,brass,black,copper,silver,white…,here are the most common colors image below.

Let us see more projects by using this material;

Do you believe natural light and fresh air source that helps your mood?

T&F agree-our company has more than ten years specilized in this material,our sales team member well know how to provide the professional service for your projects,Contact us any time if you like let the sunshine in.