Project Description

Roller Blinds are operated via a simple ball chain system. If you’ve ever pulled the ball chain in the wrong way it can lead to stuck the ball chain inside the plastic wheel and eventually pops off the mechanism so no longer you can control your roller blind with the ball chain. Fortunately, use our continuous loop roller blinds ball chain,this will never happened.

roller blinds ball chain loop
roller blinds ball chain loop
roller blinds ball chain fix
roller blinds ball chain in continuous loop


Size: These are size #10 continuous, endless metal ball chain loops that arrive ready to install on your blind or shade. The diameter of one bead is 3/16″(4.5mm). The loop is steel material plated with different colors, rust protection oil outside surface.

Color available:

Drop lengths:Available in 74cm(drop length 37cm),140cm(drop length 70cm),180cm(drop length 90cm),240cm(drop length 120cm),Customized length avaiable.

When determining the hanging length, measure how long you’d like the loop to hang down when it is installed in the shade and not broken.

Used for Blind Type:These loops are suitable for roman shades, roller shades, and woven wood shades. We work with many known brands In Europe.


More information about T&F roller blinds ball chain:

Not all ball chain can be used as roller blinds systems,it is required standard length and precise diameter for each balls as it must fix the rolling system.

Stainless-Steel-Modern-4-5x6MM-Ball-Chain-For-Roller-Blinds-Curtain-Pull-Beads-Bronze-Smoothness continuous-beaded-chain-loop-blinds-usa-inc-roller-blind-cord-connector-roller-blind-ball-chain

Average tensile strength: Steel plated roller blinds ball chain with 48ibs,stainless steel polished roller blinds ball chain with 100 ibs

Outside Finished: Besides proper color plated,we add rust protection process outside of chain surface, let your roller blinds pulling smoothly with our ball chain,meanwhile protect ball chain against rust for long life lasting,and the third advantages is that we can keep down cost,with this super high quality steel plated roller blinds,you do not need to use the stainless steel roller blinds with high cost.Obviously we also have more color choice with steel plated roller blinds ball chain.

#10 4.5mm Roller blinds ball chain in continuous loop
#10 4.5mm Roller blinds ball chain in continuous loop

What type of roller blinds ball chain we can supply?

  1. Pre-cutting with connector,you just tell us the length you want and how many connector your need,you can DIY your roller blinds by yourself with these separately supplying.roller blinds bead chain connector
  2. Roller blinds ball chain in continuous loop,tell us the drop length you want,we will connect the balls end by end as a wheel loop,this is a professional works that you need special tools.45mm-10-NICKEL-Plate-METAL-BEAD-Continuous-CHAIN
  3. We also can supply in spool,do not forget to add ball chain connector for your freedom combine for your roller blinds,Each spool carry 100meters for diameter #10 4.5mm roller blinds ball chain. 4 spool per carton like below:

4. More quantity better discount,pls contact us for your special offer.