Project Description

10mm metal mesh fabric in silver,great for interior decoration.

My customer use it for room divider,table runner,curtain drapery…This metal sequins size is 10*10mm in flat type,with shinning color,create a luxry used for wedding event,hotel,restaurant interior decoration.

Size & Dimension: Each small sequins in 10*10mm size,each full drapery pcs in original dimension 150*45cm,also can accept customized dimension such as 2000mm width and 2500mm height or other dimension.

Color : Color avaiable in more than 40 different colors,here is the catalogue address for choosing:

MOQ:10 pcs in our original dimension or 5 square meter.

Other size: We also have other sequins size,such as 3*3mm,4*4mm,6*6mm,8*8mm

Production time: 9 working days

Sample available.


Metallic table runner

silver table runner

Metallic table runner


10mm metal mesh screen

Metal mesh curtain drapery


Metallic table runner

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