Ball chain was producted by those machine from raw material

Ball Chain machine works in 24 hours,products different sizes of ball chain,this is the very first process for our whole production.

Ball Chain molding machine-our engineer develop different kinds of chain style by molding machine.

Ball chain molding machine workshop,there are ten molding machine so that we can work on thousands of chain style.

Metallic cloth was woven by this machine,behind of those machine are the raw material-aluminum plate.

After finished woven,the metallic cloth goes to second process-Oxidizing with different colors.Staff are cleaning the oxidized metallic cloth in the water and make the color stay solid.

QC workshop-Our ball chains selected here and cutting in different length as customer request.

Packing department-Our ball chain packed here in the first time with sealed bag,put the label to listing quantity,colors,length on each bag.

Metal Ball Chain Curtain(Metal Beaded Curtain) must be assembled with strong heavy tracks which can support enough weight.

Metal Ball Chain Curtain(Metal Beaded Curtain) assembled well with curtain tracks.

Packing with carton box,outside box covered with white fibre bag and packing belt to help box support weight and avoid it is get wetted..

Put the shipping mark and waiting for shipping.